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Automatic Terminal Disposal

Product Number: SM-916F
Product Brief: SM-916F

Control method:CNC Four-Spindles Synchronized Control
Storage Memory:Cassette disc and Printer double storage protection
Spindle Number:Traverse 16 spindle with spacing 35m/m
Revolution Speed:0 ~ 24,000 rpm; can be set to revolve in both directions
Revolution Angle:One turn 360deg unit 1deg
Stop Accuracy :+- 0.5deg
Wire Guide Moving Range:•X axis (front/rear) 70m/m, unit: 0.001 m/m
Moving Percision:0.01mm
Wire Diameter:∮0.03-0.3mm 0.001mm
Coiling Diameter:∮28mm
Coiling Width:40mm
End Distance:At lest 1.5mm up
End Processing Times:No Limted
End Processing:130 T/min
Power Supply:AC 380V 50/60HZ Three Phase
Power Consumption:5KVA(Include Control Box)
Pressurize Air:5kg f/c㎡
Air Consumption:10 Ne/min
Bind:horizontal、vertical(45° user requwst)
Net Weight:550 kg
Wire Fram Dimensions:143*640*148 cm
Wire Fram Weight:100 kg